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Catalina Adds Technology Muscle via Super Data Server

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Supermarkets participating in the Catalina Marketing Network can expect a boost in their ability to offer more effective promotional communications, incentives, and loyalty programs to their shoppers as a result of a new server technology being installed by behavior-based marketing solutions provider Catalina Marketing Co.

Catalina recently deployed the Netezza Performance Server system (NPS) from Framingham, Mass.-based Netezza to analyze the growing data volumes captured by its Retail Direct Online Interactive (RDOLi) data management service. The NPS system allows Catalina Marketing to quickly store and access more than 350 billion market basket records collected from the Catalina Marketing Network, which is installed in 17,500 retail locations nationwide.

"By taking control of our database service, Netezza is helping us provide our customers with the best possible service," said Eric Williams, Catalina's c.i.o. "The NPS system allows us to substantially improve database performance."

The NPS system is a data warehouse appliance that is built specifically to analyze terabytes of detailed data 10 to 50 times faster than existing data warehouse options, at half the cost. The way it accomplishes this is by architecturally integrating database, server, and storage within a single appliance -- eliminating time-consuming trips that data usually makes back and forth between a server's hard drives and CPUs.

According to Netezza, deploying the NPS system enables Catalina to increase analytic query performance at a lower total cost of ownership, while at the same time offering retailers a more detailed and historical view of their data. Using the new system, Catalina can accommodate 70 times more queries on five times the amount of data with the same business intelligence applications previously utilized by the company, without incurring additional operational costs.

The NPS system also allows Catalina Marketing's RDOLi data management service to accommodate a greater number of end users, who access the system to perform queries and reporting.
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