Cargill's Goal: Make Healthy Taste Better

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Cargill's Goal: Make Healthy Taste Better


Citing recent developments in the U.S. regulatory and policy environment, Minneapolis-based Cargill said it's busy developing ingredients and product formulations to meet customer demand for healthier foods and beverages.

"Responding to high obesity rates and other diet-related public health concerns, the food industry is taking important steps that will help Americans reduce the amount of calories, saturated fat and sodium they consume, and increase their intake of dietary fiber and whole grains," said Pat Bowe, Cargill corporate VP. "Cargill has, and continues to develop, the ingredients and product formulation capabilities required to help our customers overcome the technical challenges associated with making healthier products taste better."

For example, prototypes showcased by Cargill at major industry events featured reduced sodium tortillas, gluten-free cupcakes, omega-3 enriched granola bars and reduced fat muffins.

In addition, Cargill has introduced a range of ingredients to help reduce calories, saturated fat and sodium, including:

-- Meat and poultry products like Honeysuckle White oven browned turkey breast and Harvest Provisions beef pot roast, were developed and are commercialized as "low fat" or "reduced sodium" products.

-- Zero-calorie sweeteners Truvia natural sweetener and Zerose erythritol

-- CitriTex GSG 71 stabilizer blend replaces 50 percent of the oil in baked goods and enable products to be labeled as "reduced fat."

-- The SaltWise sodium reduction system

-- Premier potassium chloride and Premier light salt

-- Alberger brand flake salt

-- Clear Valley omega-3 oil and Clear Valley omega-3 shortening

Cargill also is helping Americans increase fiber intake and whole grain consumption and enabling customers to develop products that meet FDA labeling requirements for whole grain, heart health and good source of fiber.  Specific ingredients include:

-- CoroWise plant sterols

-- Oliggo-Fiber inulin

-- Barliv barley betafiber

-- ActiStar RT starch

-- GrainWise wheat aleurone

-- WheatSelect white spring whole wheat flour

-- MaizeWise whole grain corn products

-- Sterling Silver pork tenderloin and Our Certified ground beef 96/4

-- The Sunny Fresh brand contains no-fat and cholesterol-free egg products.

For more information about Cargill ingredients and application capabilities that address the recommendations found in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, visit