Cargill Advances Animal Welfare Leadership with Remote Plant Video Audits

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Cargill Advances Animal Welfare Leadership with Remote Plant Video Audits

Cargill has begun implementing a third-party video auditing program to enhance its animal welfare protection systems, and expects to have the program in place at all of its U.S. beef slaughter plants by the end of 2009.

Developed and managed by Arrowsight in collaboration with Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the industry's foremost experts on animal welfare, the program is designed to help plant operators teach and monitor performance in animal handling.

“Cargill has adopted some of the most rigorous animal care guidelines in the industry,” said Cargill Beef president John Keating. “This additional investment gives us the objective input we need to effectively train our people and improve our processes.”

“Cargill has been a strong industry leader in the area of animal handling for many years,” said Grandin. The program “follows the American Meat Institute’s animal welfare audit system, compiles the data and sends it to the plants for their use to continually help improve their animal welfare programs.”

Besides implementing the remote video auditing service, Cargill has created an industry-leading, humane animal-handling training and certification program for employees, to further its commitment to drive industry leadership in evaluating, developing and continuously improving animal welfare protection programs.

“We believe that through our efforts, we can raise the performance bar for our industry,” noted Keating.

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