Careit Food Rescue App Launches Nationwide

Free online donation-matching marketplace links grocers and nonprofits to feed local communities
Marian Zboraj
Digital Editor
Marian Zboraj
Careit uses smart algorithms and geographic information system technology to empower local nonprofits and communities with equal access to surplus resources.

Careit, a Los Angeles-based free food donation and rescue app that connects businesses to nonprofits to combat hunger, is now available nationwide in all 50 states. The app provides a free online marketplace that makes it easy for grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, food distributors, corporations and others to donate surplus food and goods directly to local nonprofits. Available nonprofits claim the food, arrange for transport, and track the donation’s details and weight, all within the Careit app.

“We’re proud to be the first woman-owned free app to tackle prepared food waste to help feed people of all ages – young to our honored senior citizens – who need food and may not have access to kitchens,” said Careit CEO Alyson Schill. “During this critical time in our country, our goal is to onboard more businesses and nonprofits in the Careit app and increase impact tracking for policy initiatives to rescue more surplus food to provide hunger relief.”

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The process to start donating surplus food is as follows:

  1. Post a Donation: Businesses, nonprofits and institutions can post surplus edible food and essential goods for pickup or drop-off.
  2. Match to a Nonprofit: Local hunger relief agencies browse (and reserve) posted donations. Donors can also directly assign a post to their preferred charity.
  3. Arrange Transportation: Nonprofits assign their own trained staff or volunteers to schedule a pickup or drop-off with the donor.
  4. Manage Data: Careit provides businesses, nonprofits and governments with a robust platform for data and impact tracking that can be used for taxes, fundraising and quality control.

Unlike other food donation technologies, Careit isnt proprietary for any nonprofit and doesnt require donors to sign exclusivity contracts. The app is free to use for all U.S.-based food donorscorporationsmunicipalities and nonprofits to give and receive food. App users are only charged subscription fees to access advanced features such as data reporting to help with tax deductions and recordkeeping for food rescues and donations.

Careit has rescued 8 million pounds of food since its inception in 2021, and with the app’s national expansionthe company’s goal is to rescue 50 million pounds of surplus food to feed those in need. Food retailers already registered in the Careit app include Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, Target Corp. and Amazon.

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