Campbell’s, Naturally

The next phase of one of the Campbell Soup Co.’s most successful soup introductions is the introduction of 12 100 percent natural varieties of Campbell’s Select Harvest® soups -- a first for the iconic Camden, N.J.-based manufacturer. Among the new products are five Mediterranean-style soups offering ingredients that are integral components of the much-touted Mediterranean diet, such as vegetables, whole grains and extra virgin olive oil. These five Med-inspired SKUs include two additional Select Harvest Light soups, each providing 80 calories or fewer per serving: Light Minestrone with Wholegrain Pasta and Light Roasted Chicken with Italian Herbs. Like the entire Select Harvest line -- now consisting of over 50 items -- all of the new soups contain natural sea salt and healthier sodium levels. An 18.6-ounce cans retails for a suggested $2.39, while a 15.4-ounce microwavable bowls goes for a suggested $2.59. To learn more, visit

—Bridget Goldschmidt
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