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California Retailers Association Signs With Certified

California Retailers Association (CRA) has signed agreements with Certified, a non-governmental organization that certifies Country of Origin claims.

Association members can use the company to label their products as Made in the USA Certified, Product of USA Certified or Grown in USA Certified. After a full supply chain audit and successful certification, retailers who sell Made in USA-labeled products are protected from false country of origin claims. Many class action suits in California targeting false Made in the USA labels spurred the association to action.

CRA represents nearly 415,000 retail establishments from all segments of the retail industry and accounts for $571 billion in sales. “Providing service, value and protection to our retailer members have always been of paramount concern to us,” said Jill Tanis Rulon, CRA membership director. “And our agreement with Certified will help our members to protect themselves from litigation as well as ensure brand integrity.”

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