Cal Berry Grower Taps Redline for Traceability Solution

Santa Clara, Calif.-based berry grower Eclipse Berry Farms, LLC is reaping the benefits of a recently installed produce traceability system for berry tracking from harvest through shipment via RedLine Solutions’ integrated traceability system.

“We have an extensive track record delivering inventory and traceability systems for fresh produce growers,” said Chris Davis, RedLine Solutions COO. “However, this was our first opportunity to make our system work for a large berry grower.”

Eclipse has operations in multiple districts for both strawberries and raspberries. The operational scale and complexity prompted Eclipse to engage Redline to help them solve this challenge.

“At peak season, we can have up to 30 crews harvesting tens of thousands of cases on multiple ranches every day,” explained Carlos Rodriguez, food safety director at Eclipse Berry Farms. “Each crew harvests multiple pack styles and brands during the day and often will receive changes during the day based on customer requests. One of my key criteria for a traceability solution was that it allowed the crews the ability to print directly in the field so they can react immediately to any changes.”

RedLine Solutions designed and implemented a system that ultimately proved to be a seamless solution. Using RedLine Field and RedLine Cooler,  Eclipse can now track their berries from the point of harvest all the way through to customer shipment while complying with the industry supported Produce Traceability Initiative.

“It is important to us and our customers that we support the industry initiative for traceability” said Rick Hearst, Eclipse’s sales director. “We are now able to provide complete traceability from the point of harvest through shipment to our customers.”

RedLine Solutions is also pleased with the result. “There have been some public statements recently that PTI compliance was not possible with berries. Eclipse has shown that with a strong commitment to produce safety and excellence in managing their harvest operations, PTI compliance is very achievable. We’re proud of what we were able to accomplish with Eclipse” said RedLine’s Davis.
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