Café Valley to Launch Soda Cakes Display Contest

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Café Valley to Launch Soda Cakes Display Contest


This summer, Phoenix, Ariz.-based Café Valley Bakery will pair its 7UP Cake with two iconic soda flavors – A&W Root Beer and Orange Crush -- and will launch a contest for retailers to win cash prizes for “Best Display” and “Top Unit Sales” as the new Soda Cakes are launched nationwide.

“Everyone remembers the moist, light flavor of the 7UP Cakes which first debuted in the early 1950’s,” said Brett Morrison, VP of Sales for Café Valley Bakery. “The A&W and Orange Crush uses these iconic soda flavors and features a rich marbling effect with creamy vanilla cake. The entire line of cakes will without a doubt, garner increased cake sales as well as make new memories for your customers and their families.”

Participating retailers are tasked to build an attention-getting display to showcase the newest Soda Cake flavors and captivate consumers. Entrants will compete within their chains for $1,000 in prize money and be entered into the “Soda Cakes Display Contest” to win the $5,000 grand prize.

The store with the “Best Display” in the nation will win a special guest appearance by a celebrity chef who will present the grand prize and conduct a live in-store demonstration, sign autographs and sample the Soda Cakes.

Café Valley was founded in 1987 as a small artisan bakery in Phoenix, Ariz., and will open a second location in Marion, Ind., in 2014.