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Buehler’s Rolls Out Fuel Discount Program Chain-wide

Buehler’s Fresh Foods has rolled out its Speedway fuel discount program chain-wide.  

Customers with Buehler’s Rewards can go online to link their Buehler’s Advantage Card to their Speedway Rewards Card to redeem the earned points for food when they check out at Buehler’s or for fuel discounts at any Speedway location. Customers accumulate points when they make purchases at both Buehler’s and Speedway; grocery rewards are redeemed in $10 increments and fuel rewards can be redeemed in 10-cent increments. The cards for both are available at Buehler’s locations as well as online.

“It has never been easier to choose how you want to spend your Buehler’s Rewards; redeem for fuel or redeem for food.  We give you a choice each time you shop,” said Deb Wilcox, Buehler’s director of communications.

Wooster, Ohio-based Buehler’s operates 15 grocery stores.


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