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Buehler Foods Chooses viaLink for Scan-Based Trading Initiative

JASPER, Ind. - Buehler Foods, Indiana’s largest privately owned independent retail food company, has selected viaLink’s scan-based trading (SBT) solution to enhance visibility and drive profitability to trading partners across its supply chain.

The decision came after the grocer acquired 16 Winn-Dixie stores in the Louisville, Ky. area that had already implemented viaLink’s SBT solution – one of several supply chain e-commerce solutions the Dallas-based technology company offers.

SBT is a business process in which suppliers maintain ownership of the inventory within the retailer's warehouse or store. Ownership passes from supplier to retailer when items are scanned at the retailer's point-of-sale (POS). "Since the vendor owns the inventory, Buehler’s will see fresher products and fewer dollars tied up in inventory," MIS director Gary Trible told Progressive Grocer. "The benefits will also be great for our vendors since they will not have to wait for Buehler’s to evaluate the entire inventory before payment – Buehler’s will pay for what it sells as it sells it."

He added: "By working with viaLink, we will be able to easily improve payment and reconciliation issues, provide flexible delivery windows, and most importantly, get the freshest, high-quality products to our customers faster while maintaining our commitment to great value."

With a total of 44 stores under the Buehler brand, the cumulative benefits of SBT are significant. Trible expects to initiate the program with targeted key vendors who have already participated in viaLink's SBT programs, such as Sara Lee Earth Grains, baked goods that require optimal freshness at the store shelf. "The learning curve appears to be much quicker with suppliers who already know the ins and outs of the viaLink solutions," he said. "This will allow Buehler’s to ramp up and begin a pilot project much quicker than if we started with vendors not currently working with viaLink."

Following the implementation with this first round of vendors, Buehler plans to expand the program to other DSD suppliers of its greeting cards, chips, and soft drink product lines.

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