Brown’s Super Stores Partners with UpLift Solutions to Create QLife

Brown’s Super Stores, which operates 11 ShopRites in the Philadelphia area, is collaborating with AARP Foundation and UpLift Solutions to bring QLife to its customers.

QLife, which is being introduced in Philadelphia before a national rollout, helps communities understand all of the health and nutritional benefits that are available, such as SNAP and CHIP, which act as a hub for low-income communities.

“Supermarkets can be a point of access for nutrition and health services,” said Lisa Marsh Ryerson, AARP president. “We are thrilled to support QLife and the terrific, farsighted work of Jeff Brown (president/CEO of Brown’s Super Stores) and UpLift Solutions.”

UpLift Solutions is using print and radio advertising as well as word-of-mouth to create awareness of the campaign. Brown’s Super Stores will offer nutritional education provided by its trained dietitians and nutritionists in both one-on-one sessions and via workshops. Dietitians also will provide biometric screenings to determine health risks and establish baselines for program participants. After evaluation, participants will be referred to QCare clinics for medical attention if needed.

“It is our goal that the innovative QLife concept will make a meaningful impact on the health outcomes of at-risk populations nationally,” said Atif Bostic, executive director of UpLift.

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