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Brookshire Grocery Co. Adds New Pharmacy Dispensing System

Just in time for back-to-school and cold/flu season, Brookshire Grocery Co. is equipping all of its pharmacies with new Fillmaster systems and FLAVORx dispensing technology.

With the new device, pharmaceutical reconstitution, which in many cases is a manual process, is now accomplished by BGC’s pharmacy staff at the push of a button. When a prescription bottle is scanned using Fillmaster Plus, the unit instantly displays the medication’s name, volume, strength and the amount of purified water it needs for reconstitution. This process reduces the risk of dispensing errors. At the same time, reconstitution is accomplished in a matter of seconds, for a more efficient workflow.

“We are excited about having the new Fillmaster Plus technology that will enable our pharmacists to quickly and accurately serve our customers,” said BGC's VP of Pharmacy Lisa Glorioso. “Our entire retail operations are focused on customer service, and Fillmaster and FillPure are sure to enhance the customer experience in our pharmacies,” she added.

Fillmaster Plus technology also incorporates the FLAVORx program, giving pharmacy team members the ability to customize the taste of liquid medication quickly and easily. Children and parents can choose the taste of any liquid prescription medications they are picking up at the Texas-based grocer's pharmacies.

The FillPure water quality assurance program is designed to ensure pharmacies are consistently dispensing the highest quality of water for antibiotics and powdered suspensions. The Fillmaster Plus will be connected to a four-stage reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system, which will be maintained by certified and dedicated FillPure technicians.

Brookshire Grocery Co. operates 151 stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas and has three distribution centers, five manufacturing facilities and 117 pharmacy locations.


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