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Brookshire Brothers Intros Ecommerce Program


Brookshire Brothers has launched a program for grocery ecommerce, beginning with two locations in Lufkin, Texas, where the grocer has its headquarters.

The service, which allows for click-and-collect and delivery orders, is provided and powered by Ithaca, N.Y.-based ecommerce platform provider Rosie. Customers use the service by first signing up at, and then operating Rosie’s search engine to shop their hometown store. They can navigate by department, create custom grocery lists and use Rosie’s proprietary recommended-items feature based on customers’ shopping habits.

Through the platform, users can interact with their personal shoppers, sharing notes about anything from how green they want their bananas or how thick they prefer their steaks, to substitutions. This creates a two-way conversation that can result in an even more interactive relationship between customers and personal shoppers.

“We look at every decision with the customer in mind,” said John Alston, president and CEO of Brookshire Brothers. “After months of rigorous research, we selected Rosie as our ecommerce provider because it offers a way for people to shop from their desktop, tablet or smartphone and its fully integrated system creates a seamless customer experience. Rosie emerged from the crowded field of ecommerce providers as the leader who offered the best overall solution for our business model.”

Brookshire Brothers operates 121 stores in Texas and Louisiana.

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