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Broadway Marketplace to Roll Out Cell Phone-Enabled Loyalty Program

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Broadway Marketplace, a group of independent high-end specialty markets in one location here, will send special savings links to customers' cell phones next week through a customized, cardless loyalty program.

The program's service provider is Watertown, Mass.-based MobileLime, the first U.S. company to allow consumers to make purchases through any cell phone.

Instead of issuing a typical membership card or number, MobileLime turns a shopper's cell phone number into a unique identifier. When the number is entered at checkout, the shopper gets instant savings toward his or her purchase. With the MobileLime/ISS45 payment system, Broadway Marketplace anticipates average savings of 20 seconds per transaction.

Additionally, MobileLime gives Broadway Marketplace the capacity to track and understand shoppers' purchasing preferences, allowing the retailer to tailor special promotions and send real-time offers to customers. Shoppers can sign up now for the free program.

"By implementing MobileLime's service, we will offer special savings and convenience to our customers," said Broadway Marketplace director of marketing Richard Sabounjian in a statement. "Offering our customers various specials throughout the store -- all through their cell phones -- is one more way we set ourselves apart."

Employing the cellular-based payment and loyalty capabilities, the single-store operator will offer shoppers instant, individualized rewards without the cost and inconvenience of standard in-store reward cards. It will enable Broadway Marketplace to provide special offers before, during, and after purchase transactions, through text messages or the calling of a dedicated toll-free number.

The MobileLime system has been completely integrated into StoreNext's ISS45 point-of-sale systems, allowing retailers to "get a compelling plug-and-play -- and extremely cost-effective -- shopper-service offering that's just not available in competing stores," according to Plano, Texas-based retail technology supplier StoreNext.
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