Brick Meets Click Launches 2nd Big Data Survey

Brick Meets Click (BMC), the Barrington, Ill.-based forum dedicated to the development of thought-leading direction for online and in-store retailers, has launched its second Big Data survey, open to participants through March 20.

Designed to serve the nontechnical interests of those in marketing, merchandising, operations, supply chain, IT and general management, BMC’s survey aims to expand the understanding of how and where big data is used to improve business performance in both online and brick and mortar retail.

The survey’s four main objectives include:

  1. Extending the “working” definition of big data so it can be better understood by more people
  2. Prioritizing applications of big data
  3. Providing a status report on the use of big data
  4. Identifying barriers to successful application of big data

BMC’s Big Data survey is currently available online. By providing their email, participants will receive a summary copy of the results upon their availability.


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