Biological Floor Cleaner Safely Breaks Down Grease and Oil

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Biological Floor Cleaner Safely Breaks Down Grease and Oil

Sunburst Chemicals’ Solid Green 28 Solid Biological Floor Cleaner was developed to be a mild-but-effective floor cleaner that contains surfactants to suspend grease and oils, and eliminate slippery floors and foul odors, while a combination of biological agents continue to break down grease and oil even after the floor has been mopped.

According to Minneapolis-based Sunburst, the cleaner contains no caustic or harsh chemicals, and no phosphates, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), NPEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates) or pH contributors, making it rapidly biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Each 4.5-pound capsule contains 100 percent active materials with no water or fillers added, and yields about 720 gallons of use solution, said Sunburst.

Solid Green 28 joins the company’s line of Solid Green products, which includes all-purpose cleaner, bacterial digestant/cleaner, glass and neutral cleaner, biological floor cleaner, silverware presoak, pot and pan cleaner, dish machine detergent, and rinse aid.

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