BioBay, Answers Etc. Partner to Battle Check Fraud

HERNDON, Va. - Biometric payment transaction provider BioPay LLC and Answers Etc. have announced an agreement to help eliminate check fraud for thousands of merchants across the country. As part of the agreement, more than 4,000 Answers Etc. customers will be able to subscribe to BioPay's database of negative information, including information on people who have passed fraudulent checks. The agreement also allows for BioPay's biometric technology to be offered to existing and new Answers Etc. customers, giving businesses access to the nation's electronic commercial biometric database.

By the end of the year, BioPay's Paycheck Secure biometric check cashing technology will be offered as an upgrade with all Answers Etc check cashing systems. Existing Answers Etc. customers will also be offered the BioPay Paycheck Secure upgrade option.

"Working with BioPay allows Answers Etc. to put proven fraud-fighting technology in the hands of our customers," said Tim Mackin, VP, Answers Etc. "The combination of BioPay's biometric technology and our extensive network of more than 4,000 installed check cashing systems will help put criminals out of business."
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