Big Y Unit to Host Voting Machines

Massachusetts State election officials are permitting voters in Worchester to use a local grocery store operated by Big Y as the polling location for the September primary election.
Election officials told the Worcester Telegram that the city is the first municipality in Massachusetts to use supermarkets as polling locations.

Big Y becomes the fourth grocer to allow the city to use part of a supermarket as a polling location for elections, the Telegram said. Last month, the Election Commission moved three polling stations from public school buildings to stores operated by Price Chopper, Stop & Shop, and Shaw's.

According to the report, City Clerk David Rushford said grocery stores are ideal locations because they offer a clean, well-lighted location with plenty of parking, automatic doors, and access for the handicapped.
Other states currently use some grocery stores for polling, particularly those areas with strong real estate development and a lack of available facilities to accommodate the growing population. This is the case in Sacramento, where Raley's hosts polling stations, for example. United Supermarkets, in Texas, also houses voting units.
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