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Big Y Removes ATM ‘Skimmers’ From 5 Stores

Big Y Foods has discovered and removed “skimmers” from five single-payment terminals in five of its stores, the Springfield, Mass.-based grocer informed customers in a written statement. A skimmer is an illegal device that surreptitiously records credit and debit card information when customers insert their cards into an ATM card machine.

The skimmers were found at foodservice/pizza registers last week at Big Y stores in Avon and Rocky Hill, Conn., and Northampton, Springfield and Wilbraham, Mass.

“The security and privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us at Big Y,” noted Claire D’Amour-Daley, the grocer’s VP corporate communications. “As such, we take our daily security protocols to protect our customers and business very seriously.”

Added D’Amour-Daley: “We actively are investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident, and we notified and are working with law enforcement. We have inspected all of our terminals, and we continue to do so. Although our investigation is ongoing, at this time we have no reason to believe that any customer data was compromised. If this changes, we promptly will notify impacted individuals and provide them with information so that they can take steps to protect themselves.”

She also reminded shoppers that they “should always review their bank and credit card statements for any signs of fraudulent activity and, if they have any questions or concerns, contact their bank or credit card company directly.”

A family-owned and operated independent grocer, Big Y operates 75 stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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