BGC Expands Use of Enterprise Solution

In an effort to better understand of the wants and needs of shoppers across its expanding operations, Tyler, Texas-based Brookshire Grocery Co. (BGC) is expanding the deployment of its enterprise software solution across its more than 150 Brookshire, Super 1 Food, Olé Foods, and ALPS (Always Low Price Store) stores in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

To accomplish this, the grocer is working together with vendor-partner SAP on value engineering, a practice that uses industry benchmarking data from SAP to help understand its business challenges and how they can best address these issues with existing IT investments and complementary solutions.

“SAP understands how essential it is to our business to maintain both profitability and shopper satisfaction,” said BGC president and CEO Rick Rayford. “Working with SAP, we evaluated our current IT landscape and new solution sets with an eye to maximizing our existing investments and determining the tools and functionality to gain deeper insight into the effectiveness of our store promotions and pricing strategies. The new set of SAP retail solutions will enable us to act quickly, flexibly and appropriately, and to execute creative campaigns that attract and retain shoppers.”

One result of such value engineering is that Brookshire realized it needed to gain clearer insight from data spread across its operations, to understand what drives shopper engagement, optimize pricing and run promotions more effectively. To address this, the grocer is expanding its footprint of SAP Business Suite software and SAP for Retail solutions with applications for promotion management, demand management, and business intelligence (BI). Document access and archiving applications from SAP partner Open Text round out the new solution set.

The retailer will leverage the SAP Promotion Management for Retail application to help it develop and execute effective promotions, create accurate print media, and place and price merchandise correctly. For pricing, it will replace its current price optimization solution with the SAP Price Optimization for Retail to determine the best combination of competitive prices that will appeal to shoppers and also optimize profitability.
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