Berries on the Brain

Research presented at the 2009 Berry Health Symposium in June showed that strawberry consumption could improve cognitive function.

A study by researchers from the Chicago Healthy Aging Project (CHAP) found that older adults who eat strawberries at least once a month experience less cognitive decline. More specifically, women who ate more than one serving of strawberries monthly had a 16.2 percent slower rate of cognitive decline vs. those who had fewer servings.

Laboratory studies by Drs. James Joseph and Barbara Shukitt-Hale of USDA Agricultural Research Service at Tufts University demonstrated that strawberries and other berries improved both memory and motor function.

Additionally, researchers at the symposium described how berries could contribute to the preservation of brain function. Most disease processes in the body are believed to start through inflammation and oxidation, which damage cells. Berries have been identified as rich sources of antioxidant substances.

Further information and the research abstracts from the 2009 Health Benefits Symposium can be found at
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