Ben & Jerry’s hits Facebook

MyWebGrocer earlier this month launched a customized Facebook application in 21 countries for premium ice cream manufacturer, Ben & Jerry’s. The custom Facebook application provides Ben & Jerry’s 900,000 Facebook fans with enhanced lines of communication from manufacturer to consumer and consumer to manufacturer.

The global Facebook application, launched on April 14, enabled Ben & Jerry’s to collect valuable global e-mail addresses of its Facebook fan base and provide consumer insights for individual countries, according to MyWebGrocer. These e-mail addresses opened the line of communication, allowing Ben & Jerry’s to send news, product updates, specials and other relevant communications to its consumers. It also gave Ben & Jerry’s insight on how to geo-target its advertisements within different markets, and give insight for future product development based on country-specific trends.

The custom Facebook application, “Do the World a Flavor,” mirrored the promotion from Ben & Jerry’s Web site and further enhanced its marketing promotions currently in place. MyWebGrocer worked with Ben & Jerry’s internal development team to make its application function on Facebook.

“We wanted to offer a solution to a key client’s problem,” explains Gerry Howatt, director of marketing services at MyWebGrocer. “While discussing an e-mail acquisition program we were launching for Ben & Jerry’s, they expressed the desire to also capture information from their fans on Facebook. MyWebGrocer had made the commitment to creating solutions for grocery retailers on Facebook, so it was an environment we knew we could navigate for Ben & Jerry’s.”

“MyWebGrocer worked diligently on creating a Facebook application that truly mirrored our brand,” says Katie O’Brien, Web marketing manager of Ben & Jerry’s. “Their level of dedication and detail-oriented skill set made them a pleasure to work with. We had many changing needs throughout the course of this project, and MyWebGrocer was completely flexible. Our Facebook application opens the lines of communication between us and our Facebook fan base.”
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