Is Beer Losing Popularity During the Pandemic?

Is Beer Losing Popularity during the Pandemic?
Beer sales have declined about 2%, according to Ibotta data.

Food retail consumers are turning to spirits over beer during the pandemic, according to new data from technology company Ibotta, which offers cash back rewards on groceries and other common retail purchases.

It found that sales of spirits and hard liquor has increased 33% during the pandemic, with wine sales growing by 12%. Beer sales, meanwhile, have declined about 2%, according to Ibotta analysis.

More specifically, the data also show that:

  • Flavored Malt Beverage sales are up 37.4%
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer sales are up 15.9%
  • Craft Import Beer sales are down 17%
  • Brandy sales are up 43%
  • Tequila sales are up 40%
  • Whiskey sales are up 39%
  • Vodka sales are up 26%
  • Gin sales are up 14%
  • Rum sales are up 14%
  • Flavored wine sales are 73%
  • Fortified wine sales are up 51%
  • Red wine sales are up 12%
  • Rice Wine sales are up 37%
  • Rose wine sales are up 24%
  • Sparkling wine sales are up 5%
  • White wine sales are up 9%

Recent data from Instacart, meanwhile, show that consumers are reaching for more alcohol-free spirits, low-calorie alcoholic beverages and boozy versions of popular healthy beverages ahead of 2021.

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