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A Beer Brews in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Legendary Rheingold Beer, a New York-area icon brand, will once again be brewed in its hometown of Brooklyn, according to news reports.

New York-based Rheingold Brewing Co. has teamed up with Greenpoint Beer Works, which will produce from 1,000 to 2,000 barrels of Rheingold at its Waverly Ave. brewery. The beer is expected to be sold initially in local bars and restaurants.

Rheingold was established in 1850 and soon became a New York favorite. For almost 30 years Rheingold was the most requested beer in the New York area. In addition to Brooklyn, the company operated breweries in Orange, N.J. and other locations, but in the 1960s it began to lose sales and market share to Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and other larger companies. The company filed for bankruptcy and shut down in 1976.

In 1999, Walter "Terry" Liebman, a descendant of Rheingold's founding family, re-established the brand. The bulk of the company's product is being produced at an upstate contract brewery.
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