Baji's Indian Lentil Biryani Authentic Basmati Rice

Typically, basmati rice has a unique, aromatic quality; however, in this Lentil Biryani product from Baji's, the spice actually overwhelms the delicate taste of the rice, resulting in a fiery, spicy heat rather than a well-balanced Indian flavor. For those of you who like your food extra-hot, you'll probably enjoy this as a side dish for two or a vegetarian entrée for one. The package proclaims that this is a 90-second meal, but when cooked for this amount of time the dish was still clumpy. Available in other flavors. Retails for $2.41-$3.09/nine ounces.

Passion Foods, Inc., Sudbury, MA

Taste Value Health Ingredients Preparation Appearance Packaging Total
25 17 11 15 7 3 5 83
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