AWG Produce Team Builds World’s Largest Cutie Display

The produce team at Associated Wholesale Grocers in Oklahoma City recently created what is recognized as the world’s largest display of Cutie brand mandarins at their recent Spring Sales Event.

The display was created using more than a semi truckload of product. It included 27 pallets containing 1890 cases, with each case holding approximately 280 mandarins for 529,200 Cuties total.

“We wanted to create a massive, eye-catching display to draw retailers to our area on the sales floor,” said Don Ketter, produce director for AWG.

The mountain of mandarins featured cases stacked high with ramps running the product down to several smaller displays. All of the product was sold the day of the event.

California Cuties are two varieties of mandarins: Clementine Mandarins and Murcott Mandarins. Contrary to popular belief, Cuties are not “little oranges.” Consumers can purchase Cuties in a 3-pound bag or a 5-pound box. Clementines are available from November through January and the Murcott variety is available February through April.



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