Associated Food Stores Adopts WhereNet's Real-Time Locating System Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - WhereNet, provider of wireless supply chain visibility solutions, on Tuesday announced that Associated Food Stores (AFS) has adopted WhereNet's Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology to reduce costs and improve efficiencies at the AFS distribution center.

WhereNet is providing AFS with wireless, real-time applications for locating, tracking, and managing assets across its 600+ acre distribution center in Farr West, Utah. Based on the WhereNet system's advanced tracking and locating capabilities, AFS expects to achieve a complete return on investment in less than one year.

AFS, a cooperatively owned wholesale distributor based in Salt Lake City, provides complete warehouse facilities and services to nearly 600 grocers throughout an eight-state region. Possessing a one-square-mile distribution center, a one million-square-foot warehouse, and $1 billion in buying power, AFS is a major player in the wholesale grocery business in the western intermountain states.

"WhereNet's technology gives AFS and our retail members a competitive advantage as we better utilize equipment and drive down operating expenses," said Tim Van de Merwe, internal logistics manager for Associated Food Stores. "WhereNet allows us to track, locate, and monitor transportation assets and the contents of every load of lettuce, Popsicles, and chicken in real time, all the time. By leveraging this breakthrough technology, WhereNet enables AFS to provide our member stores with on-time service and fresher food than ever before."
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