Asian-Themed Grocer’ Digital Surveillance System Integrates to POS

PAK Supermarkets, a Birmingham, U.K.-based Asian-themed supermarket chain with seven stores, recently installed an in-store surveillance system that integrates digital video captured from CCTVs with the transaction data of each register for tighter security and workflow analysis.

The grocer is working with video surveillance solutions provider Dedicated Micros Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of U.K.-based AD Holdings, PLC, with U.S. offices in Chantilly, Va.

The network of CCTV cameras captures images and transmits them back to a 24/7 manned control room. Images are viewed on dedicated monitors, with traditional joystick control of the system. At locations around the store, management has access to the CCTV system via Dedicated Micros NetVu ObserVer software, which is installed on PCs and offers Windows-based drag-and-drop functionality.

“This is a fantastic system that has given us exactly what we required,” said Khalid Hussain, managing director of PAK Supermarkets. “We wanted a solution which not only delivers a high-spec surveillance operation, but can also be incorporated into the ongoing commercial development of our stores. It really delivers everything the retail environment needs -- the perfect tool for security and customer service. We also have more control over each transaction, which we are obviously very happy with.”

"With the new system, every product that goes through the checkout can be monitored and analyzed,” added Terry Eaglen, Dedicated Micros Fusion accounts manager. “It gives store management the chance to see exactly what is being bought with both the checkout transaction and video footage being combined, not just overlaid on the video footage, but being read and managed as part of our highly sophisticated metadata-handling process. Bringing these together gives users the perfect opportunity to keep track of who is buying what, and enables stores to better control and plan their own store layouts and help in developing marketing strategies.”

The grocer installed 20 2040 Dennard indoor dome cameras, a 2060 Dennard precision outdoor dome and six Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 (DS2) Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), as well as nine Terabytes of hard-disk storage capacity. In addition, 12 APOS interfaces were installed with 30 LCD monitors as part of the four-month project.

PAK Supermarkets plans to expand the Dedicated Micros system across its seven stores nationwide, and a further four locations currently under development. “The idea is to ultimately have all of our supermarket CCTV systems linked up to the control room here,” said Khalid. “It will help to keep our operation centralized and much easier to maintain.”
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