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ASDA Rolls Out Digital TV Home Shopping Service

WEST YORKSHIRE, UK - The U.K.'s ASDA has completed the initial roll-out of its Sky Active home shopping service, allowing customers to place grocery orders via their digital TV.

ASDA's first digital TV orders were placed from its High Wycombe and Leeds stores in February this year.

Sky digital is the leading digital TV provider in the UK with more than 5.9 million subscribers. The completion of the Sky Active roll-out now means ASDA has a multi-channel home-delivery grocery service. Customers can start their order via their TV and add to it during their lunch break from their PC. Deliveries are made at the customer's convenience in a pre-chosen two hour delivery slot.

"Our customers are twice as likely to have digital TV in their homes than have web access through a PC -- a digital TV home shopping service was an obvious move," said Sheena Forde, ASDA's director of E-Commerce. "No one is catering for these customers, and the fact that almost all our Sky Active business is new business proves that."

The service offers 11,000 products at one national price that's 12 percent cheaper than other supermarkets, according to ASDA.

ASDA's home shopping service began in January 1999 and is now available to 8.5 million UK households.
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