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Asda Reports Record Christmas Transactions

LONDON - Wal-Mart owned Asda said Wednesday that it had completed 18 million transactions in the week before Christmas. Its busiest day was Dec. 23 when it served 38 customers a second through the checkouts.

In the seven days before Christmas, two supercentres in Minworth (Sutton Coldfield) and Havant (in Hampshire) achieved sales greater than GBP 4 million ($7.16 million), Asda said in a press release.

In total, 22 stores reached or surpassed GBP 3 million sales during the same seven-day period, nine more than in 2002. In the week before Christmas, 113 Asda stores saw sales greater than GBP 2 million, 19 more than last year, it said.

For the first time all 12 Asda Wal-Mart supercentres generated more than GBP 3 million each during this period.
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