ASDA Grocery Delivery Notification Program to Launch

U.K. grocer ASDA Stores Ltd. will roll out a mobile-based Grocery Delivery Notification Program from Encinitas, Calif.-based Single Touch Systems Inc. According to James Orsini, Single Touch’s CEO, “This program, scheduled to launch later this month, is Single Touch’s latest major retailer win, and the company’s first business win outside the United States.”

Continues Orsini: “The goal of the Grocery Delivery Notification Program is to enhance customer satisfaction with ASDA’s home delivery service by assuring that customers are informed in a timely manner about the status of their delivery. Customers receive notifications when groceries are set to be delivered. If the delivery is late, the customer will get an SMS notifying them of the delay and the revised delivery time. Notifications will be converted to voice for landline phone as well.”

With 536 locations, Leeds-based ASDA Stores, a Walmart subsidiary, is the second-largest supermarket in the United Kingdom, with an estimated 17 percent market share. The company’s grocery home shopping service has been in operation since 2001 and covers 97 percent of U.K. postcodes.

“Single Touch is already considered a leader in what we call ‘Come Here’ messaging – alerts that remind consumers to pick up a previously placed order,” notes Orsini. “We anticipate that ASDA’s Grocery Delivery Notification Program will accelerate the global growth of our latest alert initiative, which we call ‘Be There’ messaging – informing customers to be at home to receive a delivery. … ASDA’s Grocery Delivery Notification Program is sure to make the home delivery experience more productive, efficient and rewarding.”

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