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Artizone Exits Grocery Delivery Service

Artizone, which launched in Dallas in 2011 before expanding to Chicago in 2012, has shut down its grocery delivery business.

Artizone is an Israel-based software company that started the delivery service as a side business and was handling about 2,000 grocery orders per month between the two cities.

The company relied heavily on profits from a project based in Israel, and that project recently shut down, according to Lior Lavy, co-founder and COO, in industry reports. Although the grocery delivery service was growing, its revenue was not enough to support the company. Artizone also was an investor in Green Grocer, an independent supermarket located in Chicago and Dallas. Green Grocer recently announced that it was scaling back its operations in Dallas due to financial troubles.

The company’s 30 employees were notified of the closure on Feb. 2.

“We were providing access to the best vendors in town,” Lavy said.

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