Argos to Install Yard Management System to Boost DC Productivity

U.K. retailer Argos plans to deploy yard management software at its distribution centers across the country to optimize resources and improve efficiencies in day-to-day operations.

The Milton Keynes, -based retailer will use Dallas-based Retalix’s Yard Management System to provide greater visibility into warehouse operations, allowing real-time control and monitoring of its 500-vehicle fleet across all of Argos’ nine U.K. distribution centers through a Web-enabled user interface.

“With a large network of regional and national distribution centers across the United Kingdom, it is essential that our tractor and trailer fleet is closely tracked,” said Adrian Burleton, commercial director - supply at Argos. “By integrating the Retalix Yard Management system with our existing Retalix Warehouse Management system, we will be able to optimize our yard and dock resources, and eliminate inefficiencies that negatively impact our operations.”

The first phase of the rollout is the vehicle-tracking module, which is being implemented in parallel with the enabling radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. RFID readers are being installed at the entry and exit points of the company's distribution centers, and each of the approximately 1,100 trailers and 500 tractors in the Argos fleet are affixed with a rugged RFID tag, automatically registering arrival and departure information as the vehicles enter and leave the distribution centers.

The Retalix Yard Management system is designed to automate the yard and dock management process through advanced predictive logic and leading-edge optimization algorithms. Using software engines and rich visibility tools, Retalix Yard Management is expected to eliminate operational silos and synchronize yard and dock activity with distribution center demand in real time.

The system, which was designed using the Microsoft .NET platform, is part of the Retalix Transportation solutions suite, which is designed to fulfill the critical transportation requirements of inbound traffic, yard management and dock scheduling for retailers and distributors. Additional offerings include Retalix Traffic Management, which provides comprehensive inbound freight management for planning, procurement, execution, settlement, visibility and supplier control, and Retalix Dock Scheduling, which facilitates dock appointment scheduling via the Web, predicts labor demands, optimizes dock resources and streamlines the flow of goods through the distribution center.

Argos operates 700 general merchandise stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.
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