Are Dayparts Disappearing?

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Are Dayparts Disappearing?

By Kathy Hayden - 08/11/2017
Dining Out

As eating patterns continue to blur, some restaurants across the country are keeping their doors open morning, noon and night for a new eating pattern labeled “All Day Dining, the Breakout Trend of 2017.”

Operationally, it means throwback settings like diners and luncheonettes are enjoying a revival. Other operators are expanding their hours and opening up their menus, offering diners whatever they want, whenever they want it. Variety is a great part of the appeal, but all-day dining also plays into the “casualization of everything” trend that keeps dining out more affordable and flexible for people of all income levels and tastes.

“In order to stay relevant and keep guests coming back, you have to be able to provide a diverse range of experiences,” Camille Becerra, chef at New York’s a.m.-to-p.m. restaurant De Maria, told

A robust beverage menu is usually part of the experience, and often music and games (cornhole, trivia, bingo) add to the casual atmosphere. Becoming a neighborhood joint and part of the local community helps sustain steady business through typically off-peak times and on slower days of the week.

Grocerants can learn a thing or two from these trendy, all-day neighborhood spots. A recent report from EnsembleIQ suggests that grocerant traffic clusters around afternoon (51 percent) and evening (71 percent), with only 16 percent of grocerant traffic occurring in the morning. Follow restaurants’ lead and offer easy, convenient breakfast and good coffee to boost morning sales and build incremental business throughout the day.

Grocerant-Ready Ideas:

  • Weekend brunch tied to shopping incentives
  • Breakfast-like snacks: house-made granola bars, avocado toast
  • Off-peak specials at the hot and cold bars