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A&P's New Ordering System Near Completion

A&P will complete the implementation of its computer-generated ordering (CGO) system in all of its family of supermarkets later this year

The CGO system, a part of SAP’s suite of technologies, automates store orders by taking data based on customer buying experience to improve inventory levels and optimize the assortment of products. This enables each store to have an assortment of products tailored to that market’s needs resulting in consistently stocking the right product on the shelf at the right time.

“This strategic technology investment benefits our customers by making it possible for our stores to cater to their market and stock the shelves with the items the customer wants,” said Richard Angelillo, A&P’s CIO.

The multi-year implementation of the CGO system that began in late 2012 is now in place in A&P, Food Basics, Pathmark, SuperFresh and Waldbaum’s and is expected to be completed in The Food Emporium by the fall. 

“We are excited to roll out the CGO system in The Food Emporium to ensure availability of the unique assortment of products that the city customer wants particularly specialty, natural and gluten free items,” Angelillo said.

Montvale, N.J.-based A&P operates approximately 300 stores in six states.


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