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AOL/Upromise College Iniative Incorporates Supermarket Frequent Shopper Cards

DULLES, Va. and NEEDHAM, Mass. - America Online and Upromise, the nation's largest college savings service, this week announced a groundbreaking partnership in which AOL members will receive double college contributions for Upromise purchases at thousands of participating companies, including most major grocery and drug stores, Exxon and Mobil gas stations, and McDonald's. AOL said it would launch the new program with a $30 million online and offline marketing campaign to educate members about saving for college, and the benefits of joining Upromise.

AOL members can sign up for Upromise and start saving double for college in just minutes by going online and registering basic information, including their credit or debit cards, and grocery or drug store cards. After that the savings are automatic and every time a member shops at a participating merchant using a registered card, a potion of his or her qualified spending goes into their Upromise savings account.

"For AOL members, saving for college just got twice as easy," said Jonathan Miller, chairman and c.e.o. of Dulles-based America Online, Inc. "With double savings for many Upromise purchases at tens of thousands of grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, and McDonald's restaurants, AOL members are getting a huge boost to their college savings efforts. We believe this partnership highlights another reason that AOL offers such an extraordinary value for our members, and we plan to encourage millions of current and new members to save for their children's futures through AOL and Upromise."
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