Aldi Removes Synthetic Colors, PHOs, MSG

As part of a broader initiative to address consumers' growing interest in food ingredients, Aldi has removed certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) and added MSG from all of its exclusive brand food products.

With 90 percent of all of its products sold under its own private labels, Aldi "is dedicated to the well-being of our customers by providing high quality groceries at the lowest possible prices and offering foods shoppers can feel good about serving their families," said Jason Hart, CEO of the Batavia, Ill.-based chain. "Our decision to remove these ingredients from all of our exclusive brand foods," he continued, "will have a real impact on the over 30 million people who shop in our stores."

The company began removing these artificial ingredients in 2014; customers will begin to see the new products in stores this fall, with all reformulated product lines in stores by the end of 2015.

Over the past several years, Aldi has added even more healthy options to its stores' shelves, including increased organic fresh produce and new product lines, such as its SimplyNature line -- which is free from more than 125 ingredients -- as well as its gluten-free liveGfree line.

Additionally, Aldi partners with registered dietitians through its advisory council to provide tips, recipes and meal-planning ideas that make healthy eating easy and affordable for families.

"I'm happy that Aldi is listening to people's concerns about synthetic dyes and eliminating them in all of their products," said Sally Kuzemchak, RD, author and Aldi advisory council member.

Aldi will communicate the product reformulation news through updated food packaging, its Fresh catalog, weekly advertisements and social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and the Aldi Simply Smarter Living Blog.

Aldi operates more than 1,400 stores in 32 states, primarily from Kansas to the East Coast.