Albertsons Standardizes Product Information with Trigo Technologies Software

BOISE, Idaho and BRISBANE, Calif. - Albertsons Inc. today announced it will standardize its product information using Trigo Product Center, a product information management software application from Brisbane, Calif.-based Trigo Technologies Inc., for more than one million grocery and pharmaceutical items.

Albertsons said it has asked its vendors to electronically synchronize product information with Trigo Product Center in industry-standard format by Jan. 1, 2004. UCCnet, the not-for-profit organization that provides item registry and data synchronization services, will be the preferred method for vendors to register and synchronize their data. The new product data system supports industry standards for electronic item synchronization and enables collaboration through UCCnet and the Albertsons supplier Internet portal.

"The introduction of centralized item synchronization and product information management initiatives demonstrates Albertsons' strategic commitment to deploy leading edge technology to improve corporate performance," said Bob Dunst, executive VP and chief technology officer at Albertsons.

Dunst said product information management and item synchronization enhance the quality, consistency and accuracy of the massive amount of item information that Albertsons manages. He added that the new system would enable a wider range of pricing and promotional initiatives and ensure relevant and timely product and pricing information in the store and at the shelf.
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