Albertsons Selects Marimba for Software Change Management

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Albertsons has selected products from Mountain View, Calif.-based Marimba to address information technology asset tracking and software change management activities.

Marimba's software change management products will provide a single, automated solution to deploy and manage applications, content, and operating system upgrades; capture hardware and software asset information; and remotely repair software configuration issues. Albertsons will also use Marimba to automate the deployment and management of anti-virus software and security patch updates.

"Marimba gives us a single automated solution to address our change management requirements," said Robert Dunst, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Albertsons. "The functionality, scalability, and multi-platform support we achieve will mark yet another step toward Albertsons' goal of being best-of-class in technology."
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