Albertsons LLC Debuts new In-House Product Sampling Program

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Albertsons LLC Debuts new In-House Product Sampling Program


Albertsons LLC has teamed up with consumer event marketing company Daymon Interactions to create a new in-house product sampling and event marketing program.

Called, “A Taste of Albertsons,” the event was developed to connect the stores’ vendors directly and memorably with shoppers through personalized product sampling events.

“Daymon Interactions employees truly look, act and feel like a natural extension of the Albertsons brand,” said Daymon Interactions VP Mitch Diehl. “Through this approach we are able to work with Albertsons to provide a point of differentiation and a fresh and engaging experience for Albertsons shoppers.

A Taste of Albertsons will specifically drive shopper awareness and interest through events tied to sampling, product launches, holiday promotions, and meal-solutions. Knowledgeable, dedicated sales personnel will engage shoppers and personalize their shopping experiences while building consumer loyalty. This will increase sales for vendors and basket size for retailers.

In-store events under the Taste of Albertsons banner began October 1. Throughout the first year of operation, A Taste of Albertsons will be featured throughout 105 locations throughout the United States in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Boise, Idaho-based Albertsons LLC is a privately owned and operated company that operates 217 stores in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Utah, and Texas.