Albertsons to Lead Coalition for Plastic Bag Reduction

BOISE, Idaho -- Albertsons stores, the California Coastal Commission, Earthwise Bag Company and California-owned and -operated CBS Television Stations yesterday launched a major public education campaign to help educate consumers about the benefits of recycling plastic bags.

"Albertsons is doing its part to reduce plastic bag consumption and minimize the impact of plastic in the waste stream," said Pete Van Helden, president and c.e.o. of Albertsons' California division. "It's my hope that through this public education campaign our shoppers will begin to realize that they can make a difference, too."

Through broadcast media and an in-store educational campaign, the initiative will educate consumers about the threat that plastic bags pose to the environment, and will urge them to reduce plastic bag consumption, use reusable shopping bags during their regular trips to the grocery store and recycle their unwanted plastic bags at Albertsons stores.

The program, set to run through the month of April, combines public service announcements and paid media time on the Viacom stations, as well as educational materials and in-store media in Albertsons stores throughout California and Nevada.

In addition to sponsoring this campaign and educating customers at its 475 California and Nevada stores, Albertsons has retrained all of its front-end associates on how to minimize bag usage and encourage customers to bring reusable shopping bags for their shopping trips.

Last year Albertsons recycled more than 6,000 tons of plastic bags, wrap, and film.