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Alberto VO5 Shampoos and Conditioners


"Our new line proves once again with [Alberto] VO5, you simply don't have to pay more to look and feel beautiful," said Nina Riley, VP marketing at High Ridge Brands, of its new series of value-rich shampoos and conditioners. Each product in this new line is infused with a five-vitamin formula and aims to target four of the most common hair problems. The Dry Scalp: plus Almond Oil variety helps soothe, relieve and moisturize the scalp, while Volumizer: plus Biotin boosts and amplifies for fuller-looking hair. Rounding out the line is Split Ends: plus Panthenol, which helps reduce damage and moisturize delicate hair, while Anti-Frizz: plus Argan Oil helps tame unruly hair for a sleeker look. The line is available for an SRP range of $0.99 - $1.19. 

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