Ahold Outsources Store Systems Services at Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover

QUINCY, Mass. -- As part of Royal Ahold's global IT outsourcing initiative, Ahold USA, Inc. here is spending $65 million in a five-year agreement to outsource its in-store technology services at its Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover stores.

The retailer has engaged Frisco, Texas-based Fujitsu Transaction Solutions, Inc. as a primary services provider for in-store technology at the two banners' stores -- covering approximately 600 locations.

"Fujitsu has been a valuable partner for many years and has the proven track record, infrastructure, and corporate mindset to help us cost-effectively manage in-store technology maintenance for the Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover chains," said Gina Ventre, v.p., operations and technology support for Ahold.

The deal expands Fujitsu's existing relationship with Stop & Shop, under which Fujitsu has supplied and supported the grocer's point-of-sale (POS) hardware since 1991. Under the new agreement, Fujitsu assumes multivendor management responsibility to support and deploy in-store technology, systems, and devices from a variety of suppliers.

Fujitsu acquired 26 IT professionals from Stop & Shop and is positioned to support in-store technology upgrades at Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover for a variety of systems, including POS systems, scanners, scales, communications equipment, and radio-frequency technology.

"Fujitsu's multivendor strategy and culture of relentless cost reduction through best-in-class efficiency and effectiveness aligns perfectly with Ahold's quest to reduce costs and focus on their core business on a global scale," said Austen Mulinder, Fujitsu's president and c.e.o. "We've partnered with Stop & Shop for more than 14 years, and are energized to take this relationship to a higher level."
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