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Ahold Moving HQ to Amsterdam in 2005

ZAANDAM, Netherlands - Ahold said yeasterday that next year it will move its Dutch corporate headquarters from Zaandam to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

The move, which is expected to occur during the fourth quarter of 2005, is part of the overall repositioning of Ahold's Group Support Office (GSO). "As Ahold moves 'from finance to floor' through our Road to Recovery program, we are shifting the role of our corporate headquarters to function as a [GSO]," explained Ahold President & c.e.o. Anders Moberg in a statment. "Moving to new premises will support this repositioning to a more operational holding, closer to the business, and help us to mark a new phase in our company's history."

The GSO will be located in the "Huys Europa" on the Piet Heinkade in Amsterdam's Eastern Commercial Wharf, which will accommodate as many as 160 workspaces in a surface area of about 55,000 square feet. The GSO staff will concentrate on supporting the corporate executive board.
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