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Ahold Global Promotion Breaks Records

ZAANDAM, The Netherlands - Ahold said today that its third worldwide promotion held last fall generated record sales. Results show the promotion, which lasted two weeks and was held at more than 8,000 Ahold stores in 25 countries, increased customer count in some cases up to 30 percent, and turnover of promotional items up to 20 times the regular sales volumes. Nearly 50 of Ahold's global suppliers participated.

"Our expanding global scale allowed us to offer our customers the best possible deals during the promotion," said Gerard van Breen, senior vice president, Ahold global sourcing. "We expected to exceed last year's success, but were impressed to see that sales increased by 30 percent at hundreds of locations. Using our scale and size clearly paid off."

The promotional theme, "Festival of Food and Fun," was translated into 14 languages and adapted where appropriate to local taste, store formats and culture. The global promotion was supplemented with a variety of products from local suppliers. Promotions were offered in all major categories, including dry groceries, soft drinks, detergents, diapers and general merchandise.

Hypernova Teplice in the Czech Republic was awarded "Best Ahold Store" for the promotion as it increased sales by 15% and customer count by 10 percent.

The finalist stores included Stop & Shop and Tops in the United States, Bompreco in Brazil, Santa Isabel in Peru, Tops in Malaysia, Supersol in Spain, and Hypernova in Poland.
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