Ahold Delhaize Issues Adjusted Delhaize Results

Ahold Delhaize has published pro forma combined financial information in the wake of the Ahold-Delhaize Group merger last July. The unaudited pro forma information includes key historical data on Ahold Delhaize’s results and provides a comparative basis to facilitate assessment of the current performance of the combined company, whose reporting calendar will be aligned to 13-week quarters for all segments, starting with the first quarter of 2017.

The following main adjustments to the combined historical data were exclusion of the performance of remedy stores and other divestments; exclusion of merger transaction costs; inclusion of purchase price allocation effects on Delhaize assets and liabilities, impacting depreciation and amortization, net interest expense and rent; alignment of global support office functions and related costs; and alignment of foreign exchange rates for consolidation of foreign group entities.

The following provisional fair-value adjustments were made to Delhaize’s balance sheet:

  • Property, plant and equipment increased by €0.8 billion ($ US 0.89 billion)
  • Goodwill and nonamortizable intangibles increased by €5.2 billion (US $5.6 billion), including €2.4 billion (US $2.7 billion) allocated to Ahold banners
  • Other intangible assets increased by €0.9 billion (US $1 billion)
  • Net debt increased by €0.7 billion (US $0.78 billion) to €2.7 billion (US $3 billion)

Additionally, Delhaize’s fiscal 2015 net income was adjusted to €1,203 million (US $1.3 billion) from €1.2 billion (US $1,361 million), and its fiscal 2016 net income changed from €677 million (US $757 million) to €656 million (US $733 million).

Further information is available on Ahold Delhaize’s website.

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