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Ahold Adopts viaLink Services for Scan-Based Trading Initiative

CHANTILLY, Va. - Ahold USA plans to use Dallas-based viaLink, a provider of e-commerce services to the retail supply chain, to enhance its supply chain visibility and enable scan-based trading with its suppliers.

"We see this as a key opportunity to engage our DSD suppliers more actively in our primary business goal of serving our customers in our stores," said Bill Grize, Ahold USA's president and c.e.o. of Ahold. "This will give our suppliers actionable consumer sales visibility and will help us enable our suppliers to move quickly to adopt this new business process, regardless of their technical capabilities."

ViaLink's services will give our DSD supplier community a much more timely look at Ahold's daily item movement. This is expected to enable better ordering resulting in an improvement in Ahold's in-stock position and consumer satisfaction.
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