AEON Group Introduces Japan to Self-Checkout

TOKYO - NCR Corp. announced today that a MaxValu supermarket in Kashiwa, near Tokyo, has become the first store in Japan to install its NCR FastLane self-checkout solution.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first production self-checkout solution installed in Japan," said NCR FastLane v.p. and g.m. Mike Webster. "The initial response of shoppers at this MaxValu store suggests that consumers in Japan are more than ready for self-checkout and appreciate the convenience and ease of use offered by NCR FastLane."

MaxValu is a subsidiary of AEON Group, one of Japan's largest retailers with more than 3,000 stores globally.

Four NCR FastLane units and an attendant station were installed in November. AEON is expected to make a rollout decision following a six-month trial.
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