Acclaimed Chef Serves Humane Holiday Menu

Award-winning chef Alex Seidel has wrapped up an early present: a holiday meal created exclusively with ingredients from American Humane Certified producers.

The five-course feast spotlights ingredients from ethically raised animals, dramatically illustrating how humane treatment results in not only animal welfare, but also high-quality food. While a large percentage of the American public already wants natural and organic ingredients, many people are becoming more aware of how animal welfare on the farm can impact food safety and flavor.  

Seidel’s restaurant Fruition has been a hit with diners in Denver and praised by critics for its seasonal menu of sophisticated comfort food since its 2007 opening. In addition, the chef was recently honored as one of the Top 10 Best New Chefs of 2010 by Food and Wine magazine.

“Although 58 percent of consumers say they would prefer food that has been humanely raised most people don’t know how to identify those products,” said Tim Amlaw, American Humane Farm Animal Program VP. “We’re hoping that menus like this one will help spread the word about the mission and the producers who are committed to the gold standard of animal welfare.”

All of the dishes Seidel prepared were made with humanely raised products, including cage-free eggs; beef, chicken, pork; and butter, cheese and milk.

“I’ve always believed in using the highest-quality ingredients and know from personal experience on my farm with egg-laying hens and dairy sheep that treating farm animals humanely is the best way to ensure long-term productivity,” Seidel said. “But it’s more than just productivity: raising animals humanely is the right thing to do.”

Learn more about Seidel and other chefs who endorse humane animal welfare at the Humane Table:

The American Humane Farm Animal Program is the United States’ first animal welfare program certifying humane treatment of farm animals, representing more than 60 million farm animals through a science-based program.

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