Accent on Flavor

Urban Accents is launching an all-natural Fall Feasting product line of roasting rubs, side dish seasonings and a turkey-brining collection to help at-home cooks create delicious autumn dishes with ease. Available in redesigned eco-friendly tent box packaging, three all-natural roasting rubs make seasoning holiday roasts simple, with cedar-smoked Perfect Pork Roasting Rub, smoky peppercorn-herb Gourmet Gobbler Roasting Rub and fennel-cumin Luscious Lamb Roasting Rub delivering mouthwatering flavor to classic meat dishes. Packaged in stylish tent boxes -- each of which contains a short shopping list of ingredients and a simple set of recipe instructions -- four all-natural side dish seasonings, Cranberry Cravings, Sumptuous Stuffing, Gravy Goodness and Yummy Yams, also impart extraordinary flavors to seasonal classics. Chicago-based Urban Accents is also offering all-natural and gluten-free Spiced Brine Blend along with a new heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic Brine Bag that accommodates turkeys up to 24 pounds. For shoppers looking for all the turkey necessities, the Gourmet Gobbler Kit is the ultimate answer, including Spiced Brine Blend, a Brine Bag and Gourmet Gobbler Roasting Rub for a succulent seasoning combination. For more information, visit
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